425pro was born in Tahiti and proudly experienced from generations to generations into paddle sports. All our projects are based on this cultural heritage. We never give up and always try to improve and get closer to perfection. 

Why 425pro ?

We decided to choose 425pro as our "brand name"  from our slogan “Addicted 2 Sup” and by changing the initials (A2S) into 425. Jerry has a 30 years experience in paddling and shaping outrigger canoes. He was introduced to stand up paddling and has been ADDICTED TO SUP ever since.

Prior to his introduction to SUP, Jerry spent most of his life practicing the sport of outrigger canoeing; a very popular sport in both Tahiti and Hawaii. During his 30+ years practicing outrigger at a very high level, he became passionate about his equipment and built a reputation as a renowned shaper for outrigger paddles and canoes.