425 Hybrid OC Paddle (Small blade size 23cm) in stock

425 Hybrid OC Paddle (Small blade size 23cm) in stock

  • $559.00


This innovative blade has been inspired by Henry Varney, considered as the king of the blade shaper in Tahiti. Like he says, he had a dream and with this blade, his dream came true.  This paddle will give you great sensations in the water and you'll directly feel the efficiency of this magic and special blade. 

Our full carbon Outrigger paddle model comes with a matt finish design, and our Hybrid Outrigger paddle model comes with matte finish carbon blade and a gloss finish for the wooden shaft and handle. 

If you want to get more results with each stroke and beat your friends in every race, train hard, eat right, and get this paddle.

 Henry Varney has just won for the first time in his life, the TE AITO in Tahiti, which is one of the most prestigious outrigger races in the world, with more than 1000 participants.

So he finally won it in his age category, with the paddle he designed himself with some of our improvements.

The OC PADDLE package includes : 

  • The OC PADDLE blade of your choice (XS, S, M or L)

  • The OC PADDLE of your choice (Hybrid or full carbon) 

    • FULL CARBON : a SHAFT of your choice (XF, F, M) & a handle

    • HYBRID : a wooden shaft & handle

  • Shipping box