Goldspar International Gloss 250ml

Goldspar International Gloss 250ml

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Goldspar is quick drying, very easy to apply, interior/exterior use.

Ideal for refinishing paddles 

This internationally renowned varnish results in a full gloss finish. The polyurethane resin based formula gives a tough finish for interior or exterior use and also gives excellent exterior durability. A premium interior/exterior modified alkyd marine varnish with excellent film flexibility, toughness and durability.

Product Description:

* Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
* Tough, durable cured film
* Excellent UV protection

Colour- YVA210-Red/Brown Cured film is clear light amber.
Finish- High Gloss
Specific Gravity- 0.9
Volume Solids- 46%
Typical Shelf Life- 2 yrs
VOC (As Supplied)- 437 g/lt

Drying-Touch Dry:

10ºC: 15hrs

15ºC: 10hrs

23ºC: 5hrs

35ºC: 3hrs

Overcoating Substrate Temperature- Overcoated by Goldspa Gloss/Satin, Schooner.

10ºC: Min 40hrs, Max 5days

15ºC: Min 32hrs, Max 4days

23ºC: Min 16hrs, Max 2days

35ºC: Min 8hrs, Max 1days


All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination.


Thinner- YTA800 International Enamel Thinners #1.
Cleaner- YTA800 International Enamel Thinners #1.
Ventilation and Humidity Control- Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
Airless Spray Pressure: 176-210 bar. Tip Size: 1365-1580.
Conventional Spray Pressure: 2.3 bar. Tip size: 1.1-1.3 mm.
Other: For Airmix spray application: Pressure: 2.0 bar. Tip Size: 06-113.

Some Important Points:

Product temperature should be minimum 15°C/60°F and maximum 30°C/86°F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 35°C/95°F.

Compatibility/Substrates: Suitable for Timber above the Waterline. May be applied after thinning, to naturally oily timbers such as Teak and Iroko after suitable degreasing.

Number of Coats: 6 minimum for temperate and 10 minimum for semi-tropical/tropical exterior. 3 minimum for interior.

Coverage (Theoretical) - 18.00 (m²/lt)

Recommended DFT 26 microns dry

Recommended WFT 56 microns wet

Application Methods: Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray, Airless Spray, Airmix

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