Hei Poa

Pamper your skin with Hei Poa and you’ll be surrounded by the lovely fragrance of a tropical island, the summer, the sun, waving palmtrees and azure blue seas. That is the magic of Hei Poa.
But that’s not all. Hei Poa is a skin oil that contains more than 95% pure Monoi Oil. It is known for centuries in Tahiti and used to be a well kept secret. Hei Poa is very nourishing for skin and hair due to its calming characteristics.


Monoi is an ancient Tahitian word meaning "perfumed oil". And has been used by Tahitian women for the daily care of their skin and hair since our turn. Babies are rubbed to keep their skin soft after a bath. And surfers, divers and Maori seafarers like to use Monoi to protect their skin from the effects of salt water and the sun. Furthermore, it is used as bath oil, sunscreen oil, for hair care, massages and as a softening agent after sunburn.

Because the oil is kept as pure as possible, it will solidify at a temperature below 22 degrees. So put the bottle in the sun, or under the hot tap. Or take it under the shower. After that the oil is again liquid, deliciously smelling and ready for use.