Hippostick The Steersman

Hippostick The Steersman

  • $639.00

Blade 9 1/2 inches by 21 1/2 inches tall approximately 118 square inches.

Hippostick's new OC steering blade is the pinnacle of 10 years of design.

Its lightweight construction and large surface area allow users to make steering corrections quicker, creating less drag on the canoe.  

This new line of Outrigger paddles comes solely in HippoSticks

New 12K 100% Carbon Lay Up. This new construction in the strongest and lightest construction in the industry today.

The uniquely placed connection point of the blade to the shaft increases the strength of the paddle, allowing it to endure more stress then your standard hybrid steering blade. The ergonomically oval shaft allows for maximum comfort and control of the paddle.


Extremely light and durable.