Puakea OC6 Hybrid

  • $459.00

The newest paddle design from Johnny Puakea is our OC6 Puakea Paddle. This paddle features a larger volume blade design with a double-bend shaft. The very slight scoop on the leading edge of the blade allows it to enter the water cleanly and with more width at the shoulders, this paddle packs a bigger bite at the catch than our original paddle. At the catch position, the double-bend oval shaft (smaller in diameter than our original paddle) promotes a comfortable, loose grip and relaxed wrist. The wood shafts for our hybrid paddles are hand crafted by Maika Scott in California. HCRA approved conforming paddles

Type: Double Bend Hybrid

Length: Made To Order

Width: 9.4″ Blade

Weight: 14 oz.

113 sq. inches

Please email us at; kiaora@paddleshop.co.nz if you are after a different length.