Tiki Tiare Monoi

Te farereiraa i roto i te Paraitaito

Tiki Tahiti brand is created in Tahiti in 1942.

Passionate for Tahitian culture, language, and nature, Gustave Langy dreams of Monoi able to offer the best of both worlds: the freshness and subtlety of traditional recipes on one side, the stability and reproducibility of the new care oils.

He has in mind the delicate nuances of Monoi that his mother prepared. She used to add fresh flowers which in the evening exhaled their sweet fragrance in the precious oil. He wishes to find and share these nuances.

By meeting ancestral know-how with the latest technology of gentle absorption, he could make an unique fragrance in a wonderfully light and silky Monoi.

Success was immediate. Very quickly, the Tahitians adopt the little yellow and red bottle.


Te ori haere

A few years later, with the development of air lines, Monoi Tiki conquered hedonist travelers, a new generation of freedom-loving, sun and beauty.

So to go further and deploy all the colors of a real lifestyle, the brand combines Monoi over the archipelagos. Flowers and medicinal plants from Tahiti , Marquesas Islands, Tahaa are each the subject of an emotional meeting, a divine invitation to travel, inspiration for a specific, always magic formulae.

Today, Tiki Tahiti products deliver their dream around the world from Saint Tropez to New York, from Tokyo to Papeete where they are still manufactured and packaged.