Kai Ko'o Ahi

  • $449.00

The Ahi steering blade is our answer for big water conditions. We used our original AHI as a template and increased the surface area to accommodate bigger conditions. The Ahi will keep your crew hammering down the line of your choice without the canoe getting away from you. In calm to moderate conditions, the Ahi is still nimble enough to paddle effectively and efficiently.

Because steering blades take the most abuse, we felt it necessary to build our steering blades with strength and durability in mind. We start with a 5-laminate shaft that extends from the handle to the tip of the blade without any cuts. In addition, we use a braided fiberglass biaxial sleeve around the shaft to reinforce this high-stress area. We add our special edging to increase the life of your blade. To ensure the blade itself is thoroughly strengthened, we use a selection of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and techno-carbon fiber to both sides of the blade.

 Weight: 22-26oz Width: 9.5" - 9.75" Length: 21"

Edging and sticker colour may vary. Please email us at; kiaora@paddleshop.co.nz if you are after a different paddle length.