TIKI TAHITI Tamanu Oil Spray - Pure Organic

  • $33.00

Natural healing and anti-inflammatory agent, paraben-free - TIKI HUILE TAMANU 60 ML 

A wonderful natural oil with healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and guaranteed 100% paraben-free, Tamanu oil is applied directly to the skin. 100% natural oil containing many therapeutic properties. Tamanu oil is, in fact, one of the rare plant oils recommended in case of wounds or "damaged" skin (pimples/spots, cuts, acne, burns, sunburn, ...). Tahitian Tamanu Oil is renowned for its very powerful active ingredients and high resin content (see the "Properties and Use" tab).
Veritable Polynesian oil, Tamanu has extraordinary healing properties for the skin as well as being a marvellous anti-inflammatory.  Apply on burns, cuts, stings and all minor everyday bumps and bruises and even for certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 100% natural and guaranteed free from paraben.

  • •  Brand: Tiki
  • •  Style: Cosmetic
  • •  Type: After Sun
  • •  Perfume: Tamanu
  • •  Size: 60 ml
  • •  Composition: 100% TAMANU OIL
  • •  Origin: Made in Tahiti (French Polynesia)